I want to go on a real date. A date where he picks me up and we drive to a cute little restaurant in our date clothes and then watch a movie. No sex. No one else but us. We talk and laugh and have fun. Nothing else but each others company. Is that too much to ask?

    Him:I just feel like you never want to have sex anymore.
    Her:We had sex yesterday...
    Him:it just seems that you don't WANT to have sex.
    Her:If I didn't want to have sex I wouldn't have sex.

I love you but you are driving me crazy.

    Me:I'm sorry babe :(
    Him:no its okay but you also did *this* and it makes ME feel shitty.
    Me:I'm sorry... the things I say don't come out the way I mean them to.
    Him:No its okay but I still feel shitty.